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SoftTechnics and XMLShop: The Story of a Successful Partnership

Presently SoftTechnics holds a trustworthy reputation of a company which provides its clients with the professional and innovative solutions in the sphere of programming and web development. Since the first day of existence SoftTechnics has committed itself to the highest standards at all the stages of cooperation which enabled its team to build a professional, reliable business reputation despite the short time of operating at high web technologies market. The experienced management, high level corporate culture and solidly organized business processes created a base to deliver optimal, extremely innovative and successful solutions. One of the main objectives that SoftTechnics tends to follow is not about only meeting the client's and partner's expectations, but furthermore exceeding them and looking out of the box. Company is driven by the aspiration to meet the clients' and partners needs and perform through ensuring that more than expected goal is achieved. That mission frequently becomes accomplished through high-level services rendered by skillful experts.

Due to rising nature of high technologies market SoftTechnics is relentlessly searching for new perspective opportunities to appear, so that our teams always have state-of-the-art information to successfully exploit the fastest growing IT niches. Currently, SoftTechnics provides its clients with professional solutions in IT fields ranging from iPhone Apps and Facebook Services development to Geo Information Systems. Clients desire cost-effective convenience, so their expectations are met and exceeded by using diverse, complex task solutions including: software development; IT consulting, out-staffing and outsourcing; and QA out-staffing.

SoftTechnics mission statement and values guarantee great results and steady success in the IT field through fine-tuned company decision-making. The fulfillment of this mission depends on the company talented experts: software engineers holding in-depth high-tech expertise and obtaining the best solutions to meet clients’ requirements.
At the same time SoftTechnics professional, congenial environment facilitates extraordinary and distinctive results from the finest experts and promising recruits; inspiring everyone to be creative.
While another component of expert performance is considered, such as the satisfaction from successful partnering on different web projects with reputed and small companies generates energy to grow and develop when tending to bring each assignment to perfection.

When working at every project SoftTechnics always tend to use progressive and up to date web technologies, and qualitatively optimizing charges of working resources and time. The above principles allow finding the most effective ways of development and inculcation of any complexity web projects. It is equally important for the company to develop itself professionally and provide modern solutions on the both levels - locally and worldwide.
Such an opportunity of experiencing worldwide online shopping trends was introduced to SoftTechnics by XMLShop, a fast-growing and already reputable electronic commerce company. Nowadays XMLShop offers a wide range of opportunities to accomplish on e-commerce projects for worldwide market. Its mission is to remain professional, reliable and initiative when meeting the needs of significant clients' base and using attractive possibilities on exploring new markets.

For SoftTechnics, offering the innovative decisions is natural and evolving part of IT professional's mission. They can be offered as an answer for a challenging project, for example, like an online store.
In its turn, XMLShop supports and endlessly develops the idea of popularizing online shopping. Thus, there is a point of mutual success for the both partnering companies depending on the proficient performance of each partner. For SoftTechnics the innovative part was delivering on the web project in recently unknown ecommerce sphere.
For XMLShop it was a project based on assurance in capability of SoftTechnics to professionally provide the full-functionalizing product which acts according to the present buyers' needs.
The consequence of this partnership on "web store for long life batteries" creation has ran project granting the both partnering companies with useful experience and noticeable profit to the both partners.
Looking in the past of habitual shopping process when customers would need to go to the retail shop personally and buy favorite and essential products, proves the time and efforts saved comparing to genuine pleasure from online shopping process obtained. Initially, the customer base for online shopping activities was the wealthy class with a high purchasing capacity. Now, more and more people prefer to make purchases online, thus getting an enormous change in the online shopping trends and this sphere turns into one of the most perspective streams in the current world.

   However, the partnership effect between SoftTechnics and XMLShop on the project was not obvious from the beginning and it has taken several efforts of professionals from the both companies so it will become the online store to be proud of. An exciting and pleasant moment had turned to be when the web store had begun bringing an income. Creative, innovative and functional sides were measured when working at online shopping project structure and all the assurance arisen on its sufficient performance with all the expected features would be provided.
Presently the online store of long life batteries is powered and hosted by SoftTechnics and the commercial side is successfully provided by XMLShop. The advancement plans of SoftTechnics and XMLShop on the online store include its support and development towards bringing to the perfect fully-automated model with endless possibilities of widening and new solutions presented within the e-commerce project.
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