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Self-sufficient businessman

George running the process

About the vendor

Company founded
in 2004
Began working with XMLshop
in 2004
Main office located in NJ, USA
Staff - 6 people
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Shelves stocked full of merchandise

He who delivers piercings

George is a vendor who prefers piercings as his form of merchandise: "Any country south of the border holds plenty of people who want to express their individuality through the use of these miniature ornaments - this is why my product is constantly in demand", - explains George. A programmer by trade, he established a supply channel through China and created his store, Ms. Piercing, which proved to be a great form of secondary income in addition to his regular job.
Body Jewelry is a perfect example of a product with a high assortment, and selling it can prove to be quite challenging: for an online shop, every piece of merchandise requires a detailed description and a high-quality photograph - this is a product that people buy with their eyes, whereas photographing tiny and shiny bauble is no job for a dilettante. Naturally, this type of display costs money, while selling a high quantity of an individual product is simply improbable - this is a symbol of individuality, after all! Eventually, George saw the benefits that XMLshop could potentially bring him and his business and decided to partake in the system soon after opening up his shop: the ability to display merchandise in several shops at once was a unique opportunity for someone in his position.
He found success on both fronts: "With the help of XMLshop I increased my profits more than twofold, and today the correlation of income between Ms. Piercing/XMLshop falls within the ranks of around 40%/60%, - elaborates George. - The significance of XMLshop lies in the clearly fixated costs". Despite the fact that the owner of Ms. Piercing provides his own programming for the shop, the amount of monetary loss is still a bit higher than with XMLshop, and in turn - the income a bit lower.
But George highly prides his self-reliance and refuses to abandon his personal shop. Still, he has no quarrels about his soon-to-be five year relationship with XMLshop.
Orders ready to go out

What got the ball rolling -integrating the vendor into the XMLshop system

George foregone outside help during his integration into the system: "I was more than qualified to complete the integration within a couple of days - it took around three days or maybe a little more, I don't remember -definitely less than a week ", - he reminisces.
On the one hand, he was obviously performing quality work since he was doing it for himself, but on the other - he was working solo: it seems that integrating within the XMLshop system isn't much of a problem at all!
George is self-reliant when it comes to organizing his work as well: he prefers working independently through the API. Of course, his employees know about XMLshop - but only the rough idea: even the shipping is done through the means which George himself has created. He uses his professional knowledge to his full benefit: not only does George's system allow for a high quality of work due to the corresponding interfaces, but also practically blocks any type of possibility for a personal partnership his workers may try to formulate with XMLshop, which is important when selling inexpensive merchandise.
Additionally, he chooses to abstain from the possibilities provided by integrated phone connection: "Body Jewelry is not the type of product that people often make phone calls about, - says the owner of Ms. Piercing, - and since there is no need to save time on scanning a client's caller ID - there is also no need for integration".
Going through the rolodex of past omissions, George remembers his own unintentional blunder: "Sometime during the beginning I distributed product pictures to several webmasters with my shop's logo still on them - a small technical oversight that was quickly taken care of ". George fails to recall any transgression relating to the system, however: no loss of information, serious errors -nothing. "There were probably some minor things, - he elaborates, - but definitely none leading to financial loss, otherwise I would remember".
The packing station

Five years with XMLshop: drawing conclusions

George never once regretted his decision to work within the system: "Thanks to XMLshop, my income more than doubled. Ms. Piercing is growing congruently with XMLshop while the proportion of income generally remains the same - with a light nod going to the system", - says the successful vendor.
"One of our main modern day problems relates to the case of the Mondays", - he laughs. The thing is, our personnel gets two consecutive days off during which we collect a huge number of orders (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, plus a good half of Monday), because of this our week begins with a real conglomeration of tasks: the workers find themselves physically unable to ship that many orders and constantly find themselves in each other's way. In other words: the more of these problems - the better!"
George appreciates the stability, reliability, and personal independence XMLshop provides - put together, they equal a brighter tomorrow. Soon after expanding through XMLshop, he left his day job: now the former programmer only works in e-commerce and considers himself to be quite well off. It's safe to say that George is the American dream personified: a house, a family, a business - and complete freedom.
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