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The manufacturer and XMLshop

The company name can be seen from space

About the vendor

Company founded
in 2007
Began working with XMLshop
in 2008
Main office in
Croydon, PA, USA
Staff - 200 people
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"We provide merchandise ideal for dropshipping"

DENAQ - a company manufacturing from China. "A couple of years back, reminisces Gene, - our partners and us began manufacturing merchandise that commanded good demand in the current market - batteries for laptops ". The immutable demand is easily explained by the relatively low lifespan of batteries: a couple of years and the chemical processes lead to a noticeably lowered capacity. The unique specifics of the product made dropshipping so overwhelmingly comfortable for DENAQ, that its whole system of distribution is organized around it: the product is distinctive due to the low concentration of buyers, and not appealing enough for offline retailing. Additionally, a client who actively exploits his laptop is more than likely a resourceful internet user, meaning the first place he is going to look to replace a worn-out battery is the web. At first, DENAQ independently provided shipping of its merchandise to numerous stores across the country and managed to reach a respectable level within the current market through its innovative use of dropshipping. However, even though DENAQ's beginnings were promising, XMLshop opened up opportunities to reach completely new horizons for distribution. "XMLshop became a unique source for technical integration, which allowed us to work with many new shops ", - points out Gene: a complete implementation of processing by XMLshop gives an opportunity to attract a large number of webmasters who don't possess the resources to perform this type of work on their own.
The packing station

Integrating into XMLshop: API in full effect

The integration of DENAQ into the retail system was so utterly simple, that even the cost for this operation proved to be cheaper than if the company had done it themselves: "The whole process took around a week and a half, - remembers Gene. - Our specialists only provided access to the database, everything else was done without our help". The vendor simply accommodated the system with good merchandise and good prices - the rest was taken care of by the specialists at XMLshop who provided full integration - right down to the warehouse.
Currently, DENAQ's depot holds a shipping station, created on the base of XMLshop's ready components and benefitting from features especially allocated to the specifics of warehouse functions of this particular vendor - providing maximum effectiveness in the performance of all tasks. Thanks to the specifically created software, the production rates of a given warehouse worker are sufficiently increased compared to the average markers. "To elaborate, - says Gene, - one person working in DENAQ's stockroom is able to pack up to fifteen hundred packages a day while still having time left over for other mandatory duties -like cleaning up his work station".
Those who are familiar with the "kitchen" of retail, require no lengthy explanation when it comes to the importance of having a well-planned system of shipping - this cuts a sizable amount of potential expenditure. DENAQ serves as a shining example of a company who takes full advantage of XMLshop and its API capabilities. "XMLshop serves as a powerful technical platform for effective cooperation between the vendor and its multiple shops", - affirms Gene.
Shipping orders

DENAQ and XMLshop: years they've spent together

The business relationship between DENAQ and XMLshop has been conducted for several years, and from the very beginning- it seemed destined to yield nothing but success: the system has provided new, congruent merchandise to fill up the shelves in the shops, which led to a rapid increase in sales activity and accommodated additional guarantees in the stability of consistent demand.
Self-production always depends on the strength of the demand: in Gene's own words, "the lack of clientele for a given product leads to an instantaneous reaction deemed "frozen money". Partnering with XMLshop equates to both steady demand and an increase of on-line sales. In addition, the manufacturer has no need to waste funds on advertising: his product is already marketed by separate users of the system. In other words, both Denaq and XMLshop find themselves in a comfortable position.
Today, the outskirts of Philadelphia hold an impressive building and a no-less impressive logo which can be literally, seen from space. This is DENAQ's warehouse. "The main source of clients for our merchandise, - says Gene, - is currently XMLshop: a large number of small shops put together realize themselves as a very solid stream of clientele, and some very solid income as well".
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