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A young computer whiz

Marty's shop

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Company founded
in 2006
Began working with XMLshop
Main office
Arizona, AZ, USA
Staff - 1 person
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Preparation to opening the body

A competitive offer on a competitive marketplace

Marty is one of those people who begin contemplating about being autonomous at a very young age. At barely twenty years old, he decided to open his own business. He didn't have to think long or hard about what type of service he wanted to provide: unlike most of the people currently using the products dispensed by the modern computer industry, Marty was well familiar with the way computers work "from the inside". "Fixing computer technology, - Marty says confidently, - a sentence that is in demand in the current marketplace".
After opening a small shop in Arizona, he began working and alas, rather quickly acquired a certain base of clientele and renown as a reliable professional. It needs to be said, however, that the market for such services is not only filled with customers, but retailers too: "Apart from the technical prowess of the specialist, - explains Marty, - the ability to organize shipment of quality conglomerate items plays a huge role in the ongoing struggle for clientele. Additionally, the income gets higher the better the shipment price is". This simple arithmetic was working against Marty from the very beginning: his shop wasn't large and neither was his clientele so attempting to establish direct contact with vendors was a moot point. This is why, after finding out about XMLshop, Marty immediately saw the advantages in this type of partnership: the access to a wide assortment of superb-quality conglomerate items and the absence of any additional investments for acquiring them was just what a small shop owner needed.
Direct massage of heart

Simple problem - simple solution

"XMLshop practically stunned me with its integration possibilities, - remembers Marty today. - Being well-versed in computer technology myself, I had no other choice but to show respect, seeing the professional-grade quality of the enormous body of work". In reality, there was no practical use for the opportunities provided by integration in Marty's business: to solve the relatively simple problem of supplying the shop with merchandise, the specialists at XMLshop created a simple script which allowed the shop owner to quickly find offers that were of interest to him. Now, in order to request a shipment, a simple internet form has to be filled out which allows Marty to make an order through the store's rights (in XMLshop terminology), and not through a random customer. High-quality conglomerate parts, a great assortment, and the absence of problems with shipping required components did great things for Marty's image as a high-level specialist. Today, his shop knows no problems when it comes to attracting clientele.
Heart is pulsing, insert back

Computer Repair + XMLshop: successful venture

Three years of successful partnership speak for themselves - Marty made the right choice. Today, just like in the beginning, he sees the advantages of working with XMLshop: "I'm used to having a great choice of high-quality power supplies and laptop batteries, which are offered by the vendors. In addition, certain offers just aren't meant to be passed up", - says Marty. Among these offers are inexpensive and especially high quality batteries from Denaq, which serve as a great alternative to original batteries: being relatively small, Marty could not purchase the minimum volume, required to directly collaborate with the manufacturer. Thanks to XMLshop, however, this product became a permanent bonus for Marty's clients who always pick products possessing optimal balance between price and quality. There is also another side to the partnership between this small business and the limitless giant -XMLshop; and it's just as good as the first one: clients, coming to Marty with questions related to computer technology, enjoy seeing the modern technical equipment and the innovative way of working. "My authority, - laughs Marty, - is now officially bigger than my shop".
By the way, Marty plans to expand his shop in the near future: a solid clientele in these modern times requires a change of scenery. But only the scenery: partnership with XMLshop has a place in Marty's long term plans as well.
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