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Company founded
in 2002
Began working with XMLshop
in 2006
Main office
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Staff - 7 people
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A blowtorch comes in handy

A new man in an ancient business

Armen grew up in a traditional, intelligent Armenian household. In his early twenties, he expressed a somewhat unexpected interest in trying his hand in jewelry-making. "We have a lot of relatives, among which, of course, there are a few who practice commerce, - explains Armen, - but no jewelers that I know of".
The aforementioned big family met the young man's wishes with nothing but support, and soon, with his relatives' money, Armen opened up a small shop on the outskirts of Philadelphia. "I took merchandise from vendors, on credit, took out loans - basically, I did what I could to get by", - reminisces Armen today about the difficult establishment phase.
The jewelry business is one of the more conservative forms of retail, which is usually passed down through generations.
Innovation is a rare guest in the jewelry trade - but this was the particular weak link that seemed so interesting to the "outsider" - a young and outgoing businessman, possessing no inherited traditions and ideas about trade passed down from father to son.
After working independently for several years, Armen caught word about XMLshop - instantly he assessed the possible advantages of dropshipping in the jewelry business: "a lot of people are looking for these products, - says the businessman, - but everyone wants something different, which is why a good jeweler should offer a large assortment of expensive adornments - only XMLshop allows you to expand your wares without investing any money".
Cooling off the work

Integrating an online business into an offline business

Armen did not require any integration per se - the specialists at XMLshop incorporated a small lift table into his shop: a computer with access to the internet and two monitors, one of which, with the help of a simple script, is used for looking up merchandise on the internet, the other - displaying the results for the customer. The innovative approach provided Armen's store with some unique advantages: the expansion of assortment which gives him a significant edge over the competition in offline retail, and the opportunity to personally contact clients who are out of reach of owners of similar on-line boutiques. "Not only can I show off interesting wares in all their virtual glory, he explains, - but also offer the client a similar product from my personal selection: let them feel it, measure it, and see how it looks up close". The partnership with XMLshop turned out to be particularly successful for Armen due to the fact that most of the large vendors of jewelry reside in New York and Philadelphia - the close proximity allows for shipments to arrive within all but a day. "Postponement is a regular occurrence when it comes to making jewelry (for instance, making a fitted ring), - says Armen. - This is why the clients take it as it comes, they understand". In other words, the somewhat irregular blend of online and offline business has completely justified itself.
The file is also a necessary tool

Eight years as a jeweler: four plus four

During his eight years in the jewelry business, Armen spent four independently, and four working with XMLshop, so today he has a completely founded opportunity to compare the two time periods: "I arrived at XMLshop in 2006, and since then a lot has changed. This doesn't just concern the volume of sales, but the relationships with clients as well, which are especially important in such a trust-based business".
If the jewelers and their business are characterized by their traditionally conservative nature, often times the clients are not prone to those views. There are plenty of those who admire and wholeheartedly accept Armen's innovative nature. "It became a lot easier to find a common language with the younger clients", - reiterates the now successful businessman. Currently, there is even a popular opinion around that if Armen doesn't have it in his shop then it probably doesn't exist. To live up to the high standards set by his clients, Armen is interested in expanding the base of Vendors supplying jewelry.
"I'm happy with the way things are going for me, - he says. - Perspective wise - I'd like to take advantage of the other side of XMLshop by becoming a vendor".
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