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[07.03.2009] Your login could be changed

Dear ShopXML partners,
Due to some technical necessities we had to remove login Ids of those affiliates who registered after June 3rd, 2009, the day of our database problem.
At the present time the database is almost restored. You should be able to login and work using old account. You should also be able to work with your new account, however, login had to be changed to ID-login, where ID is your system id. Check your email (including spam folder please - we've just emaild IDs to you.
You can use forgotten ID/Password function to remind you what your id and password was.
The merge of both accounts (old and new) and merge of payment part will happen in a few days.
Those who wish change new shop Ids back to old can do so now.
Do not hesitate to contact support.
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