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[11.10.2005] Note to 'veteran' writers

There have been some strong concerns expressed by some writers that have been writing for us for a while about the difficulty to get items past the repetition checker and the recent decrease in pay.

The system that is in place for checking for duplicates is here to stay, and the limits won't change (at least for now). Pay per description was lowered and it will stay like this for now as well, there are no plans to change it.

The reason for difficulty as far as I can see that every writer has their own style, and while there may be many other word combinations possible to replace that repetition, it might not be so obvious to the writer at the time. Overall, people get burnt-out, it's normal.

My suggestion is to take a little break (as in for that particular description or in general) and/or maybe refresh a bit with a different product type, like charms.

Also, in near future there's going to be a brand-new product type, completely unrelated to Jewelry, that you will be able to write for, so check back often.

P.S. While referrals of new writers are welcome, there are no rewards for such referrals. It is safe to assume that referees do so in good faith.
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