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[02.16.2011] New Product Lines Launch

We are informing our partners and clients on new product lines addition. Please find below the following product bases descriptions and relevant information to work with:

1. Jewelry Gift (wide selection of stylish jewelry);
2. Car Body Kits (automotive parts and accessories);
3. Musical Instruments (various musical instruments);
4. Beauty Products (all quality cosmetic products);
5. Bulbs (varied assortment of lighting goods);
6. Sound Systems (collection of originally designed earphones, cases and electronic accessories);
7. Kids Gifts (incredible and memorable gifts for children of different age).

Location of our new product catalog is as follows:
Product descriptions and policies are placed at

Also, we ask you to pay attention when you work with our product lines. According to our policy all the web sites should go through the process of verification before the actual beginning of work.
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