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[08.05.2010] Introduction to Our New Product Base

Introduction to Our New Product Base (Shop Type).

Dear clients, we are pleased to announce on our new product base. Please find new bases below:
1. Toys for children (Toys).
2. Fitness equipment and accessories (Fitness Store).
3. Accessories for computers (Computer Accessories).
Location of our new product catalogue is following
Descriptions and policies can be found in usual place at
For the mutual benefit we kindly ask you to pay attention while working with our item bases. According to our new policy all web sites should go through the process of verification before beginning to work.

Work Procedure.

- When selecting new shop you should choose one of available bases (in the case it needs to be verified according to the list you can find the link in square brackets);
- If link "request for verification" appears, the selected shop was not checked by us and you will have to e-mail us for to for checking your shop;
Please do not press the link immediately!
- Once your shop is registered in our system, you should create a web site which meets our requirements, so you can apply for its verification then;
- While waiting for the shop to get a verification from us, your shop receives a temporary test base that allows you to upload your products for the demonstration;
- IP-address of the shop should be provided if its bases require to be verified. Use of any other IP-addresses when addressing API of the shop will not be supported. Regular shop activity/performance can be provided using the only IP-address you have selected. When moving your web site to another server, do not forget to change IP-address in our system.
-Please remember also, once decided to work with the product base you accept the agreement about "Using received content for the sale purposes only".

Shop Selection Criterions.

- your shop should be completely functional;
- all contacts and policies should meet those given to us (;
- design of your web site should meet our requirements;
- reliable hosting should be provided;
- having SSL-certification is essential or optionally you can select the payment form from our web site (the sample can be found here:

Attention! In the case of breaching any rules described above, we will be forced to terminate our partnership with you.
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