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XMLshop Privacy and Security Policy

Forms and e-mail:

When you send an email or submit information relating to payment or opening up an account, all of the received data is saved and stored for subsequent usage. We do not knowingly accept or save any information from minors.


We automatically save all IP addresses and keep logs an all of the current visitors to the site ( Usually, we view this information collectively, but during moments of safety breach; your actions may be viewed individually.


We use cookies for identifying visitors and LSO for analogical purposes within flash documents. We use cookies within the accepted norms and can guarantee that they a) are a reasonable size (usually no more than 5kb), b) hold no private information, c) are only installed for a limited amount of time, stemming from the extent of their practicality, d) may only be seen from the XMLshop servers.


We fully understand that our servers hold a large amount of private information. For this reason, we store all data on protected servers with limited access, even to the XMLshop employees. We do not store any personal data longer then needed for shipping and controlling orders.

The distribution of information:

We do not dispense the collected personal information under any circumstances, withholding compliance with the law and requests at the hand of officials. However, the data may be used in collective form for advertisement and other purposes, as seen in "statistics". Every bit implemented in such cases is tested to ensure that no personal data may be extracted. Likewise, we reserve the right to open personal information under special circumstances; if required for completion of open agreements and set regulations.

Circulation of information within XMLshop:

During the distribution of information relating to merchandise or consummation of orders, it may be accessible to different colleagues and counteragents of XMLshop. For example, information relating to the specifics of an order and the receiving party's address is given to the vendor. The receiving party's address is also given to the courier service. This exchange of information only complies with the minimum possible requirement; every participant of XMLshop has access to that information which is absolutely required to complete a given task. For instance, we may give the UPS a buyer's address and the weight of the package, but under most circumstances, we do not provide the detailed description of the order.

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