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Uploading Your Products to XMLShop

Adding your products to the server is the first step to becoming an XMLShop vendor, and increasing your sales. There are several ways to upload your inventory to the server listed below, and instructions on how to start.

Our free of charge API is the easiest to manage your products and orders. This will allow your current order system to receive orders from XMLShop seamlessly. To start this process your programmer will need to spend some time integrating your system with our own. The information found at the Help Center, provides all the necessary details your professional will need. This generally takes five to eight hours, and the XMLShop staff is here to answer any questions. When finalized, there is little to no maintenance to be done, and you will be able to work with no changes in how your operation works.

Send Us Your Product List
There are two ways to perform this option. If your product list is in an Excel or CSV file, send it to us and we will load the list onto the server. Please include links to pictures of the individual products when you send this file. The second option for this process is if you have an e-commerce site. XMLShop will scrape your website for your current products, and add them to our server. The only stipulation is that pictures on your website must not be watermarked, or we will be unable to acquire your product list. When the process is completed, XMLShop has a web based platform enabling you to see your orders coming in. In addition, this platform is where you update inventory information, such as new/out of stock products and any new shipping procedures.

Manually entering your products onto our server is done through our web based platform. In this program you will be able to enter all information about your inventory such as; pricing, pictures, description, and categories. When you are finished uploading, any orders you receive will come through this system and it will be necessary to keep your products updated.
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