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Becoming a New Vendor Process

Listed below are the procedures involved in becoming an XMLShop vendor. Follow these step by step directions and before you know it you will be part of an exciting opportunity.
  1. CONTACT XMLSHOP. The first step in the process is filling out the registration form at This will notify the XMLShop team that you are interested in becoming a part of our vendor program. In addition to this, or as a substitution, you can contact XMLShop directly at +1 (609) 488-4520 or by emailing
  2. DISCUSS TERMS. After notifying XMLShop that you are interested in becoming a vendor we will research your operation. Upon the conclusion that each party will benefit from the partnership, a representative from XMLShop will contact you to discuss details and answer any questions that you may have. An offer will be made for the sales fee, and some negotiation, when everything is agreed upon its time to make you an XMLShop partner.
  3. NEW VENDOR AGREEMENT. To officially become a vendor you'll need to fill out the "Application and Agreement" form found here:, under the vendors section. Fill it out and fax it to (609) 488-4520 or scan it and email it to
  4. SET UP ACCOUNT. The next step is setting up your new account with XMLShop. This involves choosing your shipping and payment preferences, and an experienced XMLShop staff member will help you through this process.
  5. TRAIN YOUR STAFF. As with all new software, you will need to familiarize yourself with our provided ordering and product database. The training site is found here: There is a training guide found here under Vendors:, labeled "Training".
  6. UPLOAD YOUR PRODUCTS. After becoming comfortable with the database, XMLShop will help you load your product information into our database. There are several ways to do this process, and the description of each way can be found at:
  7. RAMP UP. There is a ramp up period associated with the XMLShop system, but after this short amount of time you will start receiving your orders, and increasing your sales revenue.
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