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HTTPs and use of the file storage

If you have defined the header and footer for your shop then during your shop payment process (if the shop uses common payment interfaces - that is going to shopxml) your customer's browser can show various warnings on security violation. This happens in case your header and footer HTML-code contains usual unprotected (http) links to the files of your site. For example, to images. In order to get rid of this unpleasant and customer-disorienting circumstance you should download all similar files directly to our server using special interface for that (subparagraph Uploaded Files in the Affiliate item of the upper menu). After you download all the necessary files create new links to our server for them in your header and footer then it will be convenient either for the customer and for you as well.
CAUTION: These links should be created as relative paths on our server. That is without specifying the protocol and the domen. Simply from the site root. For example:
Slash in the beginning of an url-path means the beginning of the site.
You will be able to know this path after your file is downloaded to the server. It will be specified next to every file in the list of your downloaded files.

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