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Your goal within the XMLShop system is to create a personalized internet-shop and reach the profits on its base. is the retail system that provides a unique opportunity for all the partners to perform on what they are good at. For you, these are the following operations: creating the design and interface for the shop, providing services, traffic, dealing with the advertising companies, and working with the clients. The above fields require from you to take decisions as an independent and self-reliable businessman. In addition, being the owner of your shop you do not have to guess on the ways of your merchandise trade. You are freed of any burdens and the direct spending when concerning on the merchandise storage. These functions are undertaken by your partner - the vendor, who has both the experience and the resources needed to perform on these operations. The only one source he requires for success is your shop as an outlet for his merchandise. Once received the product database with the pictures and descriptions from your partner, you are responsible to provide a visual presentation for the varied range of wares as well as to forward the shipping information for the ordered merchandise. The joint interest of the both partners related to the XMLShop system perfectly explains the reason of its efficient performance and holds the high potential for bringing a regular and constant income.

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SoftTechnics is a successful and reputable corporation with specialization in the programming and web development solutions provided to its clients. As a great result of successful partnership of SoftTechnics and XMLShop the chain of strategic aims has been secured when accomplishing on the participatory innovative e-commerce project.
The best achievement key is a true permanent aspiration of the succeeding in the project, all the necessary professional staff and technical side supplement, great attention on all the project details, never-ending structure development during the project performance and final accomplishment with the innovative and extraordinary solutions being brought up.
A native of Leningrad currently residing in Saint-Petersburg. Very proud to be expanding his shops faster than Darren Rose ( Claims that a six-figure salary is well within a competent webmaster's reach.
Artem became successful due greatly to his work on conversion. Unlike many other webmasters, he takes a very careful approach to getting money from visitors instead of endlessly searching for traffic.
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