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Counting money is fun
Shipping is boring
Your functions within are incredibly simple: first of all, you are responsible to provide the products descriptions with the preferred price included, then to collect the pre-paid orders and ensure they are shipped to the correct address.
All the occurring processes between these two operations do not require any involvement from you or your funds. The retailing system within is supported by several unrelated tasks accomplished by you and your individual partnersí work. Unlike you, they perform at their own risk and their income is guaranteed only in the case they have successfully completed their function.
The above jobs division provides the highest level possible of the operational performance. In other words, you are neither required to hold any professional knowledge in the field of creating websites nor you are faced with the following problems: to fill your e-commerce store with in-demand merchandise, attract traffic and deal with advertising companies. Your performance covers only the tasks you are actually experienced and professional in, such as shipping of the merchandise while receiving well-deserved income and experiencing factual profitability of the XMLShop system.

Success Stories

That took

George -a programmer by trade; is now the owner of the e-commerce store Ms. Piercing. Partnering with XMLshop has brought great growth to his business while giving him the opportunity to work as a contractor in his chosen field. He prefers complete self-reliability in relation to XMLshop.
System integration took less than a week - personal professional knowledge was enough to perform these tasks solo, without additional spending. George prefers working through API, by himself and using his own software.
DENAQ - a primarily manufacturing company, assembles its wares in China and uses dropshipping as its main way of retailing. Currently considers XMLshop its most prominent supplier of clientele.
Integration was done over the span of a week and a half by the specialists over at XMLshop, who created specific software adapted to the unique workload performed at the DENAQ warehouse. This company takes full advantage of the services provided by API.
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