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A professional is not considered to be a traditional affiliate program due to the fact the presented system is nothing more but an efficient teamwork of independent businessmen. They take the advantages of unique opportunity of furthering their brands and bring their ideas into the life. Without surprise this type of system always attracts webmasters who are set on the success.
When the traditional affiliate programs often acquire the vendors to become the victims of ill-morals or mistakes on the part of their partners, holds the absolute responsibility for any possible errors on the webmasters' side. Your website does not occur in any spam-lists, if a given webmaster suddenly decides on resorting to illegal e-mail marketing nor your image suffers from a careless advertising campaign. Thus, never becomes the home for random people who look for getting a quick profit and do not have any second thoughts about abandoning their work in the case of problems experience.
From the vendor's point of view every shop is the source of income, which amount is obviously evident to the both, him and the webmaster. The number of orders processed is equal to the amount of buys which is directly related to the income volume.

Success Stories

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George -a programmer by trade; is now the owner of the e-commerce store Ms. Piercing. Partnering with XMLshop has brought great growth to his business while giving him the opportunity to work as a contractor in his chosen field. He prefers complete self-reliability in relation to XMLshop.
System integration took less than a week - personal professional knowledge was enough to perform these tasks solo, without additional spending. George prefers working through API, by himself and using his own software.
DENAQ - a primarily manufacturing company, assembles its wares in China and uses dropshipping as its main way of retailing. Currently considers XMLshop its most prominent supplier of clientele.
Integration was done over the span of a week and a half by the specialists over at XMLshop, who created specific software adapted to the unique workload performed at the DENAQ warehouse. This company takes full advantage of the services provided by API.
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