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Hidden assistant is an innovative retail system that provides all the participants with the opportunity to achieve their goals. Becoming participating party gives you an opportunity to benefit from expanding your assortment of the merchandise with a minimal effort.
Working within the XMLshop system, you may easily apprehend the merchandise compatible with your present business and actualize it within the walls of your shop. When it is necessary you may organize an advertising campaign for reaching the target clientele with the same success as to process all the orders and forward them to the vendor in a timely fashion. All the processes between the products shipping and their arrival, including warehouse storage and packaging of the previously mentioned merchandise do not require your control or any type of the payment from your side. Your income increases and becomes regular according to the contract with the vendor. is your opportunity to remain a full-fledged business owner while sharing the responsibilities with the partner who is equally interested in this joint project to succeed. Particularly this corresponding interest turns project into an enjoyable and profitable business opportunity.

Success Stories

What It Takes

Armen - an owner of a jewelry store. XMLshop helped him create a brand new, for such a conservative business, system of retail: a unique blend between on-line and off-line commerce.
The specialists at XMLshop used a simple script to arm Armen's shop with an automated storefront: a computer connected to the internet and two monitors - for looking up products and demonstrating them to the customers.
Marty - a young man who opened his own business - a shop specializing in fixing computers. XMLShop gave him an opportunity to organize obtaining quality wares for a better price.
To solve the simple problem of providing the shop with wares, the specialists at XMLshop created a simple script which allowed the owner to instantly find attractive offers through the internet. Ordering became as simple as filling out a form on a website.
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