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The Automated Retailing Methods within XMLShop

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Every functioning internet-shop possesses its own base of the existing merchandise, which adjustment would be a tedious and timely process. Therefore, within the present market conditions time loss often means the loss of income. fully supports Application Programming Interface (API) which is an integrated function that ensures all the processes of electronic commerce are completely automated. API is created specifically to join the computer systems while expending a minimal effort. With the help of API the database of the vendor's merchandise is integrated into your existing database in a matter of seconds. Additional important feature is forwarding the orders to the vendor automatically that greatly simplifies the process of shipping and considerably develops your image as the positive one in the eyes of your clients. API also provides the establishment of quality voice connection. It is the most modern way of communication via the phone which gives the user an opportunity to redirect the incoming calls. XMLshop provides you with all of the above opportunities without any charges.

Success Stories

What It Takes

Armen - an owner of a jewelry store. XMLshop helped him create a brand new, for such a conservative business, system of retail: a unique blend between on-line and off-line commerce.
The specialists at XMLshop used a simple script to arm Armen's shop with an automated storefront: a computer connected to the internet and two monitors - for looking up products and demonstrating them to the customers.
Marty - a young man who opened his own business - a shop specializing in fixing computers. XMLShop gave him an opportunity to organize obtaining quality wares for a better price.
To solve the simple problem of providing the shop with wares, the specialists at XMLshop created a simple script which allowed the owner to instantly find attractive offers through the internet. Ordering became as simple as filling out a form on a website.
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