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Merchandise for XMLshop: a successful choice forms the foundation for a successful trade

The best choice

On-line commerce depends upon an assortment of select demands, the completion of which will help a business blossom

In this day and age, e-commerce is no longer new and unheard of; being a well-developed business branch with its own set of rules and regulations. Because of this, new merchants aren't required to invent the bicycle - just hop on and enjoy the ride.
Another brick in the wall

Products that aren't for everybody - your merchandise

There are products out there that enjoy a huge amount of popularity and are sold, literally, everywhere. After all, who would go on-line to purchase a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola? It's a lot more challenging to find something that is in very low demand. For example, somebody looking to buy a Swiss flag would probably want to employ the on-line services. If the number of people interested in a given product is relatively low, said product is ideal for sale over the internet.
With that said, the demand does not always have to be related to the exotic nature of the product, but to its widespread assortment as well. For instance, as a ware, piercings are in very high demand. However, due to their diversity, the concentration of potential buyers for any given piercing is relatively low. This is also your product: where else but an e-store can a customer spend hours upon hours sorting through various items of jewelry until he finds one that expresses his individuality!

If the storefront window has it, the store does too: choosing common merchandise

One unique characteristic of e-commerce trade is the ability to organize a virtual display of any given piece of merchandise, presenting its virtual model and description. To do this, however, it is very important to make sure that every description perfectly corresponds to the product it represents.
This does not exclude the possibility of selling hand-made goods the differences of which do not exceed reasonable boundaries. If a customer is ready to buy a wool blanket with a slightly different decoration, why not sell some wool blankets?
Theoretically speaking, this rule could be broken. Be prepared to lose some resources, however; creating a virtual copy of a product is not quick, easy, or cheap.
Rare goods - frequent problems

Some words of wisdom about delivering merchandise and the customer's intentions

When choosing wares, don't forget that eventually it's going to be shipped. In other words, if need be you could ship a bunch of aquarium fish, but the cost of shipping directly corresponds with how comfortable the product is to transport.
In addition, buyers should be able to think that what they're looking for may be found online. Otherwise, they're not going to look. By the way, there are a lot less people searching the internet for fish compared to those looking to buy household appliances...

The delicacies of branding: who the buyer trusts more

Different merchandise requires a different level of trust for the seller or the manufacturer. The customer doesn't concern himself with which retailer is selling Canon brand cameras; he just wants to find the best deal, completely trusting the brand name itself. But how could a diamond have a brand? To make this type of purchase, the buyer goes to the vendor who he has a reason to trust. Lowered standards when it comes to the vendor's branding are an important asset to becoming a web-master.
No country for old men

Overseas webmasters on the e-commerce marketplace

In comparison to North America, overseas webmasters are more technically sound and inventive: generating traffic, creating a solid database of merchandise with an easy to use search function and other original services is where they, undeniably, hold the upper hand. When it comes to earning a customer's trust however, their language and culture barrier inadvertently pushes some potential clients away. This is why it's so important to choose merchandise that hides their weaknesses and exposes their strengths.

Merchandise for an overseas webmaster: the good and the bad

With their wide assortment and low customer concentration rate, auto-parts are an ideal product for a foreign webmaster in an American marketplace. Additionally, they don't require any special trust toward the vendor; if you need a part for your car, you'll buy it.
The need for technical services (database search, filtration, and the automatic offer of analogous parts) plays to the vendor's strengths. The proprietor's potential for creative and attractive website design with an easy to use interface may also be fully realized.
If you decide to sell art, on the other hand, you'll quickly discover that your strengths will be completely nullified and the weaknesses exposed. Attempting to convince customers to buy rare paintings, when they don't have an ounce of trust in you; will put you at a dead end. Making this choice will teach you first-hand what bad really feels like.

Virtual sales through the laws of the real world

Truth be told, the parameters for choosing merchandise are much greater, and the laws of the real world apply to virtual sales as well. For instance, if you're able to produce a price that rivals the rest of the market, everything else will not be as important. And if you think you have it in you to convince a customer to buy an antique vase - why not give it a try?
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