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The economy of using overseas webmasters

Three heads are better than one

Overseas affiliates play a major role in the creation of affiliate networks through centers in prospering countries

Those who are familiar with e-commerce are well aware that oftentimes citizens of less economically prosperous countries than the United States and Western Europe fill the position of webmaster in affiliate programs. This is not surprising, since the potential income would have a much greater effect on their quality of life then a United States citizen, for instance, who is already well off. But is the use of overseas webmasters justified from the point of view of the initiator of the affiliate program?

The advantageous way to share income

A greater number of commerce centers means greater control over the target buyers; this directly leads to more sales and a larger income. Knowing this, we ask ourselves, what's stopping a person, who is a U.S. citizen, from creating a network of his own commerce centers and pocketing the resulting influx of income?
You see, in order to create these commerce centers, the pragmatic American gentlemen would have to deal with some no-less pragmatic local specialists who ask for a much greater cut of the income then similar specialists from developing countries.
In addition, the general foundation of computer knowledge in these countries has historically been a couple of steps above North America. For example, in India, people strive to learn programming, as those are the types of jobs that are generally in demand and considered prestigious, as opposed to the United States, where people strive to be lawyers and doctors.
Control of the Macine is lost

Complications associated with outsourcing and the problem-free XMLshop

Chances are, you've already thought of the following question: why not take advantage of the cheaper specialists just for the creation of commerce centers? Well, it's not as easy as it seems. For instance, if you were looking for the cheapest worker, do not be surprised when he disappears with the job only half-way done. This is not uncommon with long-distance partnerships. Practice shows that the creation of websites through the use of distant specialists requires a great deal of control. This means, additional funds invested into managers.
But let's imagine that the work is finished, paid for, and the commerce center is open for business. You quickly realize, however, that the e-store is not generating the expected income and you cannot get back the money you invested due to contractual obligations.
With XMLshop, any possible control issues are completely eliminated. A good e-store is simply a profitable one. You don't pay for its creation, judge its design, or organize its advertisements, and if it fails to live up to its financial expectations, the owner will be left without the extra income. Your business remains unaffected.

A store-front for everybody; the true meaning of variety

Let's pretend that you're one of the lucky few who has relatives living in distant countries, willing to provide management, and able-minded specialists ready to fulfill your order.
With the same assortment of people doing the same job multiple times, you will sooner or later run into the problem of not having enough variety. Everybody possesses a unique style, and, like it or not, it's going to become noticeable and redundant.
But what happens when your e-stores are created by supplementary webmasters? These are completely distant people, who have no relationship to one another. Even if they decide to steal ideas, it won't be from each other: they simply aren't acquainted and live in separate parts of the globe. Each one has their own designated vision dealing with design and the handling of resources. Not to mention the vastly different cultural values. The final result is everything you could have ever dreamed of: your merchandise is presented in many unique and completely different e-stores.
Small - does not signify weak

"Trading a large marketplace for a dozen webmasters..."

These days, the internet is home to many large marketplaces. The idea behind them is very close in nature to the affiliate system: you present your various merchandise and in turn receive a close-to unlimited flow of potential buyers. It almost seems too good to be true: no need for a website, management, or distant webmasters. So why aren't the suppliers partial to this method?
A marketplace that size holds countless rivals; thwarting any chance of your business standing out from the competition. There is only one way left to differentiate your merchandise - damping. Doesn't sound too appealing, does it?
And if you happen to have a rare product with a completely unique presentation, there is no guarantee that it's going to stay unique. Even if you get ahead of your competition for a while, the owner of the marketplace has every resource needed to easily put his product "above" yours. As you can see, the risks are quite heavy - this is why a dozen webmasters may just be a more attractive offer then a popular marketplace.

XMLshop and overseas webmasters: speaking the language of statistics

As you can see, the incorporation of overseas webmasters allows for substantial augmentation of a branched business while avoiding contact with expensive western specialists, control issues with distant workers, and the potential theft of ideas at large internet marketplaces; all while providing maximum variety in the design of your e-stores. This has been attested to through the live statistics of XML shop. The use of overseas webmasters is heavily practiced, thus it's been economically proven to be beneficial.
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