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XML Shop - New blueprint for the affiliate program

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XML Shop- A non-traditional way of running an internet business, differentiated from others by its freedom and self-reliability on the part of the webmasters.

Affiliate programs have found a niche in the current business market through a system where the product is distributed from a single source with assistance from many different offshoots. Ordinarily, affiliates only hold responsibility over hits going to the main site. With XML Shop, however, every webmaster becomes a full-fledged owner to their own personal e-store. But what is it that makes XML Shop so different from a traditional partnership?
Personal cow is better

Versatility - A sure way to attract clientele.

It's plain to see that the modern shopper has become very picky due to the vast amount of available choice. This especially applies to those who shop online and don't need to travel far in order to compare vendors. For them, all it takes is one click of a mouse.
The idea behind the traditional affiliate program is quite simple: A client sees a desired piece of merchandise posted on one of your affiliate web sites; he clicks the link leading to your e-store and makes a purchase. Keep in mind, however, that the client is spoiled. He wants to be presented with other offers until he is sure that your price is, in fact, attractive. This is why he will once again employ the help of a search engine.
But you have a widespread web of partners and, once more, the potential buyer ends up on your website. You might think this would convince him but since he's looking for a different offer this will likely frustrate and persuade him to enter a new search, bypassing your site altogether.
XML shop employs a different tactic. If a client wants to see a different offer, great! After all, your merchandise is displayed in many e-stores ran by several different webmasters. After a while, the client will solidify his opinion about the fairness of your price and gladly make his purchase. There is no reason for you to concern yourself with where the client makes his final purchase. But still, where?
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Different strokes for different folks - where your clients make their purchase

An internet based store is essentially only a website. Its design might be liked by some and completely hated by others. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Subconsciously, every potential buyer is looking for their ideal e-store. What can really be done if our cranky client doesn't like the font, color, or size of the pictures?
With XML shop, this problem completely disappears. When your merchandise is readily available in e-stores created by different webmasters; the client eventually finds one that makes him comfortable enough to make a purchase.

The customer is always right, and always comes back to you

Customer complaints are very common in sales. Sometimes the hurt feelings are legit and other times the client is simply in a rotten mood. Whatever the case may be, the client has firmly decided to not be a returning customer. Usually this would mean an irreversible loss. So what happens with XML shop? The angry client leaves one of your e-stores and arrives in another, completely sure that his plan worked and he is buying from one of your competitors. Perfect, the client is satisfied and you still receive your share of his money.

XML shop and the mistakes of its users: the webmaster loses but you stay in the game

The traditional affiliate program tightly bonds the main e-store with all of its affiliates. If one of the affiliate makes a mistake, that shadow of embarrassment falls upon the store for a long time. What kind of mistake? Mass distribution of spam, for one. Not only will this prove to be more than enough to conjure the wrath of those on the receiving end, but also ensure that your domain is put on several spam lists.
XML shop takes a different approach, the webmaster answers for his missteps with his own e-store. There, he has the choice to employ any type of advertising tactics at his own risk. By the way, the freedom of choice is one of the reasons this type of system attracts people with large initiative and perspective.
You have not come to divide you success with uninvolved people

XML shop is chosen by the best of the best

This is easily explained. Let's say somebody is full to the brim with creative ideas on how to expand a business and is ready to turn them into reality by assuming the role of an affiliate. But is laboring for somebody else's benefit really worth it? The e-store might grow and the ideas may work but their author will be left on the outside looking in. Yes, he did a great job developing the brand but the clients don't remember him, they'll remember the store. Imagine how frustrating that must be.
On the other hand, this new program provides the webmaster with his personal e-store. He is free to do with it as he pleases. XML shop provides the breeding grounds for creativity and initiative while giving the provider a clear understanding of the work of each one of his webmasters.

Life without cookie stuffing and the precise worth of the webmaster's work

It is a known fact that traditional methods of partnered marketing are plagued with cookie stuffing. This is the shady way of earning money; characterized by technical tricks used to con partners out of their percentages. This leads to arguments over how much work a given person has truly provided.
Let's say that an affiliate brought a client to your website but the sale did not go through. The client can still return, either by themselves or maybe through an advertisement. Really, the possibilities are endless. Finally, the merchandise is purchased and the affiliate gets his percentage. Was that first hit a direct result of his work or just a lucky break? Did he do anything that swayed the client's final decision?
XML shop solves this problem once and for all. Every individual e-store has its own salary. How the webmaster made it should be of no concern to you.

XML shop through the eyes of a businessman: it's just ordinary business

The advantages of this new affiliate program are apparent; but there are two sides to every coin. Yes, the webmaster doesn't lose his brand, but the provider partially does. Yes, the webmaster has his personal e-store, but creating and running a website is a lot more straining then simply linking to one. Finally, while the webmaster gets freedom, he also bears all responsibility for his actions. This is why there is absolutely no reason to expect easy success. As the saying goes: only mousetraps hold free cheese.
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