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-How much does XMLShop Cost?
-XMLShop works on a "we get paid when you get paid basis." Meaning unless you get orders through our system you don't pay a Cent. When XMLShop does send you orders we receive a prearranged percent value of the sale.
- What is XMLShop?
-XMLShop is a way to increase your products amount of exposure on the internet by putting them on multiple different websites.
-What is the Benefit of XMLShop?
- Because XMLShop increases your products web exposure, the chances of you recieveing the order become much higher, thus your sales will increase.
-How do I become a vendor?
-Go to http://xmlshop.com/RU/registration.html?type=vendor and fill out the form to let XMLShop know you are interested. To contact us directly call us at +1 (877) 413-6990 or email
-What is an API?
-An API stands for Application Programming Interface; it's a fancy pants way of letting your system communicate with ours, with formatting issues. It also allows you to update your own system, and the XMLShop system all in one place.
Where will my products be listed once I have Uploaded them?
-XMLShop has over 3000 webmaster affiliates who are eager to sell your product on the internet. Think of these webmasters as you commission only sales force. They only get paid when they make YOU money.
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